Essential Support for the Perfect Pen Now

In an era of computers, smartphones and tablets, the pen remains indispensable, both at the office and at home. A quick scribble, mark or calligraphy: you have plenty of choice to find the perfect pen you need. Place a bulk order for ballpoint pens, gel pens or felt-tip pens and you always have a good stock at the office. If you meet a lot, sign important documents regularly or just want a nice pen for those special occasions, consider buying a luxury pen.Not sure which pen you need? Discover the different types available before you order a stock.

Which different types of pens are available?

It is important that you choose a pen that fits comfortably in your hand. For one this can be a luxury fountain pen, while the other for a simple ballpoint pen. As long as you write with it, it is the right choice. Below you will find an overview of pens and the advantages and disadvantages.

Fountain pen

High quality, durable and professional: if you are looking for that luxury pen for special occasions, you will certainly impress with a beautiful fountain pen. The choice of fountain pens has been expanded. Are you going for a thin or thick line? And which color ink do you prefer: blue, black, red? For the metal pen for students you will be able to have the best option now.

The fountain pen has a classic look and often also improves the handwriting. You can choose from various water-based inks that can be ordered separately in the corresponding fillings.

Advantages: Many people like to write with a fountain pen: the scratch on paper and the liquid ink give simple joy. You do not have to exert less pressure during writing, which makes it fine if you have to write longer. The elegant pen often encourages you to write longer in an attractive handwriting.

The ballpoint pen

The ballpoint was created to permanently eliminate the steady ink stains during writing. It is a special pen where oil-based ink is released by the rolling movement of the ball in the tip of the pen.

Advantages: If you are looking for a low-maintenance pen that lasts for a long time, fill your case with the most commonly used pen in the world. Because of the rolling ball, the ink does not stain while you write.

The Rollerball pen

The rollerball pen uses the same formula as a ballpoint pen to produce ink. The difference lies in the ink: the rollerball pen is based on water instead of oil.

Advantages: Your words flow over the paper with this comfortable pen. The rich saturation makes the words or images on paper also more attractive.

The felt pen

The felt-tip pen is also often called a marker. The tip is made of printed fibers impregnated by an alcohol-based ink.

Advantages: Felt-tip pens effortlessly add color and produce attractive and unique stripes.

The Gelpen

Gel pens use water-based ink for a smooth writing style.

Benefits: This pen has a rich ink color with a variety of shades to choose from. It is very smooth to write with compared to a rollerball pen.


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