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Finish Your College Essay Quickly

It sometimes happens so that the big hairy monster called procrastination raises its ugly paw and does not let us finish our work quickly and efficiently. It is always more pleasurable to have a nap, visit some friends, go see a movie and so on, then actually do your work on time. As a result, the last scraps of the day before it is due are spent frantically putting pieces together in order to achieve a half-decent result. How to stop yourself from falling into the same desperate nightmare twice? Here are some tips that could give you a productivity boost. Here are some more tips from just in case.

Start Early

An advice that usually gets ignored, it is something that is so easy and logical, that most people scoff at it. If you could at least start all your homework on the day it was assigned you would not have the problem of rushing to the finish line. To do this in the best way you should have a nice journal or planner, where you can write down all of your tasks and organize yourself in the best possible way.

Create a Deadline

The setting of clear deadlines is usually the most productive way to finish anything. If your deadline for your thesis is 30th of May and you do not want to spend the 29th suffering in agony, you can set your deadline to the 25th and work towards it as if it was really the finish line. This will give you a few bonus days if you suddenly need to attend to more important businesses like taking your cat to the vet or organize a surprise birthday party for cousin Jake. The key is to make your brain believe that the deadline you set is the real one and push all your efforts into finishing on that day.

Get Into It

Something even more productive than deadlines is your interest. If we are really into a sci-fi adventure detective story book, we will finish it on the same day we got it, even if it is 500 pages long. If we really love dogs we can spend the whole evening googling dog breeds and cooing at the cutest corgis out there. The same will go for your essay. Think about an aspect of your essay that really interests you. If you need to write about the role of technology in modern life, think about something that has affected you personally, for example how an amazing tweet you have sent has increased your chances with a pretty girl. Anything will do, if it makes you want to write your essay.

Make a Challenge

If you are a competitive person and hate losing, plan with a friend who also has the same essay to finish. Challenge yourself to finish faster then them, and get to work. This will not only help you finish on time, but will also give a boost to your friend. However, you are recommended to choose a responsible and trustworthy groupmate.

Make a Bet

If you cannot find a friend that has the same task as you do, or at least something equally dreadful that needs finishing, you can still make a bet with literally anyone, including your mom. Promise her that you will finish the essay on time, and if you do not, you will scrub the toilet for half a year. If your mom is strict, let her decide the punishment and tell her to go hard on you. You can also make a bet with a friend, who will, in case of your failure, be allowed to pull a prank on you or to post a cringe-worthy picture of you on the internet. The stricter is the person who agrees to the deal, the better. For the maximum of motivation you can also post a promise on all your social media profiles, this will surely enhance your chances of finishing.

Promise a Treat

If punishments, challenges or pranks are completely not your things and make you anxious instead of productive, you can promise yourself a treat when you finish your essay. You will be allowed to watch the next season of your favorite show, go for a walk, or see that new movie you were looking forward to. Make sure not to give yourself treats in advance, because then they will lead you to nowhere. Working with a clear goal in mind will enhance your chances of finishing on time.

Use a Timer

Promise yourself to work for fifteen minutes without checking your phone or interrupting yourself in any way. It is only fifteen minutes. You can do it for such a short amount of time, right? Use a timer to control yourself and by the end of this short span, give yourself a pat on the back and let yourself relax and grab a drink. However then after 10 minutes sharp, put on the timer again. This is an effective technique if you are someone who cannot concentrate on the work for long periods of time.

Ask an Expert

If you still are at a loss on how to do it properly and on time, do not despair. Some essays are indeed a tough nut to crack, and sometimes the effort you put into them is not worthy of the result you gain. In such cases you can always ask one of our experts to write the essay for you. You will have a win-win situation, finish early and have plenty of free time to enjoy yourself or do some much more useful stuff!

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